Artwork Checklist

Preparing print-ready artwork for commercial printing is different to preparing printing for digital printing or printing on office printer.

Please use this checklist as a guide before uploading your artwork, as it may help to get the best print result.

Before submitting your artwork, please check that:

  1. Your artwork is in correct size and is supplied 1 up not as spread.
  2. Your artwork is set up correctly. For borderless printing files must have a minimum of 3mm internal and external bleed. External bleed is the area extending past the trim line, it allows for a small amount of movement that may occur when your order is being cut to size. Internal bleed means all text / important graphics must be kept a minimum of 3mm inside from the trim edge of your artwork.
  3. Your artwork is set using CMYK colours. If you upload files that are not CMYK (e.g. RGB or spot / pantone colours) they will be converted to CMYK by our automated pre-press process. This conversion can slightly change colours and they may appear different from what is seen on the screen.
  4. All Rich Black areas are set to C =40%, M = 20%, Y = 20%, K = 100%.
  5. All fine black text is set to C=0%, M=0%, Y=0%, K=100% and is set to overprint.
  6. All fonts are outlined (converted to curves) or embedded.
  7. All links are embedded.
  8. All lines in your artwork are at least 0.3pt and all text should be at least 8pt using a non-narrow, non-ultra-light or non-thin style font.
  9. All borders in your artwork are at least 5mm wide.
  10. All images in your artwork are 300dpi when placed at 100%.
  11. Printer’s trim marks are included in the artwork to ensure your job is trimmed at the correct places.
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