Not just Menu Printing

Not just Menu Printing

Restaurants need all types of printed materials to run successfully and profitably. From table tents to full dinner menus, printing is an important aspect of any new or existing restaurant. At Print Deals Direct, we offer a full line of printing services to ensure your restaurant has the necessary tools to succeed. A good menu design can lead to a more successful business and we provide experts in the field to help you get the right layouts, colour scheme and overall design.

Whether you need help getting your new restaurant off the ground or you need to make changes to an existing menu, we can help. Our team of experts provides over 50 years of experience in the printing industry and we have staff who are both marketing and design experts. This gives you a solid mix of excellent graphics and the right placement of high profit items for your menu design.

Quality Design Increases Sales

Your menus give the service staff a tool to help your customer choose the best items you have to offer. It's been proven that correct menu design can lead more customers to choose the food items you want them to choose. We take this into consideration by placing the items with the highest profit margins in the prime menu positions to help you make more money from every customer walking through your doors.

Of course, restaurants need more than just menus. They also need marketing materials ranging from flyers to direct mail postcards. Our team at Print Deals Direct provides marketing services to help you get the word out. We know that restaurant printing is more than just in-house tools. The marketing and advertising team will put together a powerful direct mail campaign for you and we can even help with letterbox distribution services. If you just need in-house tools, we offer many graphic design options including:

  • Complete menu design and customization
  • In-house promotional items, such as menu inserts, shelf talkers and table tents
  • Pull-up banners, outdoor banners, window decals, posters, signage
  • Stationery items such as letterheads, envelopes, business cards

Point-of-sale materials

One of the most powerful ways a restaurant can drive guests through the doors is with a coupon. Many restaurants combine coupon offers with a direct mail advertising campaign. Our team of expert marketers and designers can help you choose the right offer, create an attention-grabbing postcard, provide full addressing and even help with distribution. You can use an EDDM campaign or Every Door Direct Mail campaign to reach all the surrounding homes, as well.

You have many options when it comes to restaurant printing and Print Deals Direct can provide the right solutions for you. Find out more by contacting us today.

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